Headdress Ball: Winners

Congratulations to the 40th Annual Headdress Ball Winners!

Key West 40th Headdress Ball - First Place

1st Place: Erica Rachal, “Unicorn Realm”

Key West 40th Headdress Ball - Second Place

2nd Place: Guy Hermelin, “The Derby Dazzler”

Key West 40th Headdress Ball - Third Place

3rd Place: Island Alex, “Tobanga the Walking Tree”

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston, emulating Tippi Hedren from the classic film, “The Birds” opens the Headdress Ball acting out examples of the kind of ludicrous phone calls received regularly at City Hall.

Credit: Tedesco Fantasy Fest. Headdress Ball emcee Laurie Thibault asked members of the audience to stand who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. The whole audience rose to their feet.