Headdress Ball: Registration

Interested in competing?

Use your head!

This unique competition allows contestants to go “head to head” to impress the audience with what they’ve got from the shoulders up!

Prizes for Best Headdress: $3,000, $1,000 second, $500 third.

Headdress Ball Rules of Entry

This is a Headdress competition and as such costumes are not considered in the awarding of points. Though the audience enjoys fully costumed entries, please note that the Judging will be done from the shoulders up! Contestants are encouraged to pre-register early. Note to contestants – please be advised that the Headdresses must be worn on the head during the competition. The headdresses can be supported on the shoulders but must remain on the head. Contestants may have an assistant on stage if needed.

Entries can include costumed “spotters” however the physical presence of the spotters cannot be required for the support of the headdress.

There is no admission fee for those entering the Headdress Ball competition.

Register here!